Noodle Gunned

Tracking Microaggression Cancel Culture

ABC - Telivision Network
Adam's Apple / Achilles Tendon
Adidas - Clothing Brand
Advertising - or whatever you want to call it
Alex Jones - Infowars Radio Host
Amazon - E-Commerce Juggernaut
Andrew Alexander - Second City CEO
Anna Wintour - Vogue Editor
Associated Press - News Organization
Aunt Jemima - Pancake mix, syrup, breakfast foods
Ben Mulroney - Canadian Telivision Host
Bob Garfield - 'On The Media' Co-host
Boy Scouts of America - Youth Scouting Organization
Brendan Eich - Mozila CEO
California Proposition 209 - Affirmative Action Amendment
Cambridge University
Carina Adly MacKenzie - 'Roswell, New Mexico' TV Show Creator
Charlize Theron - Actress
Chick-fil-A - Christian Owned Fast Food Chain
Cisco - Tech Company
Cleveland Indians - American Major League Baseball Team
Cliff Mass - Meteorologist
Complex Networks - Pop Culture Digital Publisher
Condado Tacos - Restaurant
Cops - Television Show
Cream of Wheat - Food Product
Dave Chappelle - Comedian
Don Cherry - Canadian Sports Commentator
Donald Trump - President of Gitmo Nation
Dukes of Hazzard - TV Show
Dungeons & Dragons - Fantasy Tabletop Role Playing Game
Edmonton Football Team
Ellen DeGeneres - Comedian / Talk Show Host
Elmer Fudd - Cartoon Character
Eric Clapton - Guitar God
Eskimo Pie - Chocolate Vanilla Ice Cream Bar
ESPN - US Sports Network
Essence Ventures - Black Media Brand
Facebook - the Facebag
Faulty Towers - British TV Show
Folgers - Coffee Brand
Ford - US Auto Maker
Gab - Conservative Social Media Website
Gamergate - Harassment Campaign
Gary Garrels - Top Curator at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
GitHub - IT Service Management
Gone with the Wind - Movie
Google - Tech Company, Search Engine
Goya Foods - Latino Foods
Gregg Glassman - CrossFit CEO
Halle Berry - Actress
Halloween Costumes
Hartley Sawyer - Actor - The Flash (Ralph Dibny / Elongated Man)
Harvard University
History Class
Indiana University
Infinity Ward - Developer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
J.J. Abrams - Director
J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter Author
James Bennett - New York Times Editorial Editor
Jenny Slate - Actress - Missy on Big Mouth
Jesus Christ - Lord and Savior, God in the Bod - Only Man to Live Sinless Life
Joe Rogan - Actor / Podcaster
John Schnatter - Papa John's Founder / CEO
John Wayne - Actor
Johnson & Johnson
Jordan Peterson - Canadian Clinical Psychologist
Josh Hawley - Missouri Senator
Juan Williams - News analyst
Kansas City Chiefs - NFL Team
Katie Hopkins - Reality TV Personality
Kindergarten Cop - Movie
Lady Antebellum - Grammy-Winning Country Trio
Land O'Lakes - Food Company
Las Angeles Times - Newspaper
Last Man Standing - TV Show - cancelled by ABC, moved to FOX
Lea Michele - Actress
Lego - Plastic Building Blocks, enemy of the human foot
Live PD - TV Show
Lloyd’s of London - Insurance Company
Martin Luther King Jr. - Civil Rights Leader
Mary Poppins - Movie
Master Bedroom - Common name for the largest room in a house
Mastodon - Federated Social Media Platform
Matt Siegel - Morning talk show host
Matthew Yglesias - Journalist
Medical Decision Tools
Megan Amram - Television Producer
Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop
Michael Korenberg - University of British-Columbia Chairman
Mike Gundy - Football Coach
Mike Henry - Voice of Cleveland on Family Guy
Milo Yiannopoulos - British Political Commentator
Minnesota Twins - US Baseball Team
Mount Rushmore - American National Monument
Mrs. Butterworth's - Syrup and Pancake Mix Brand
NASA - US Space Agency
NASCAR - Stock Car Auto Racing Association
National Football League
New York - US State
New York Times - Newspaper
Nick Cannon - Host of 'The Masked Singer' TV Show
Norm Macdonald - Comedian
Owen Benjamin - Comedian
Oxford University
Parler - Attempting to compete with the establishment
Paula Deen - American TV Personality
Paw Patrol - Childrens Cartoon
Pennsylvania State University - Former employer of convicted sex offender Jerry Sandusky
Philadelphia Inquirer - Newspaper
Popular Mechanics - Magazine
PragerU - Conservative Video Producer
Ramsey County Jail - Minnesota Jail
Richard Dawkins - Ethologist
Rick Wilson - GOP Strategist
Robert De Niro - Actor
Robin DiAngelo - "White Fragility" Author
Roseanne Barr - Actress
Royal College of Art
Sambos - California Breakfast Restaurant
Sarah Silverman - Actress / Comedian
Scarlett Johansson - Actress
Shane Gillis - Comedian
Soap Dispensers
Star-Spangled Banner - American National Anthem
Steve Banyan - Political Strategist
Taco Bell - Fast Food Chain
Take School Strike 4 Climate - Auckland, New Zealand chapter
Taylor Swift - Singer / Songwriter
Terry Crews - Actor, TV Host, former professional football player
The Adventures of Ook and Gluk - ‘Captain Underpants’ spin-off
The Dixie Chicks - Grammy-winning country group
The Simpsons - Cartoon
Tina Fey - Comedian, Actress
Toro Bravo Inc. - Portland Restaurant Group
Trader Joe’s - Grocery Store Chain
Troll Dolls - Children's Toy
Ubisoft - Gaming Company
Uncle Ben's - Rice
University of Massachusetts
University of Mississippi - Ole Miss
Valve - Game Developer (operates Steam gaming platform)
Vanderpump Rules - Reality TV Show
ViacomCBS - Media Company
Washington DC - US Capital
Washington Redskins - US NFL Team
Welfare - US Government Assistance Program
Woodrow Wilson - 28th U.S. President
Yael Afalo - Founder of Reformation (clothing brand)

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